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Handmade Gift Wooden memory box

OGO Wooden Memory Box

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No. of pictures : 15-20
Height :  12 inches
Width :  6 inches
Material : Wooden
Text : Can be customized
Delivery time is 5-10 days.
Once we receive your order we will call you to customized the text.

- For urgent deliveries you can always whats-app  at +91-8800554402  for more queries.
- Email pictures at

Wooden Memory boxes are crafted with love and considered unique for almost every occasion. You can get express delivery option to ensure that the gifts are delivered on time. You can choose to buy handmade and personalised gifts in India on the basis of the occasion at hand or even the personality of the recipient. Handcrafted gifts brings out the most joy in every form relationships. Photo cube box fits every ocassion consists of 15-20 pictutres with a message on top for anniversary, birthdays etc.

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