10 ways to impress her like never before

If you’re chasing a gal or are in a relationship already, you know that it is not easy to keep things fresh. Girls are like Pandora’s box. A mystery! None of the tricks from Bollywood work. In fact, you shouldn’t and can’t be doing any of that. Breaking out in a song and dance outside her workplace? No, sir. Following her around like a puppy everywhere? Stalker, much! Texting her, sliding into DMs, starting unnecessary conversations? Clingy Alert! Hang around for some real advice from real women. You sir can catch the Love Train to Relationship Ville if you keep reading below!

  1. Googly eyes:  Eye contact. There’s nothing more romantic and intimate than eye contact. Hold her gaze for 5 seconds and then look away. You don’t want to come across as creepy. Look but don’t stare! Make her feel as if she’s the only one in the room. Whether you’re just crushing on her or have been together a while, google eyes are a winner!
  1. Man-icure:  Women like well-dressed and well-groomed men. So take your time getting dressed for a date or when you know you’re going to see her. Your sense of style is a window into your personality. Don’t be the guy who wears the same clothes everyday unless you’re the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. Throw in some casuals and formals and dress to impress. Your skin also needs pampering. Make sure to have a good skin care regimen and groom your facial hair. A really trendy hairstyle also helps your chances. When you take care of yourself, it shows her that you can take of her too.
  1. Man-ners :  Forget all you know about girls digging bad boys. The truth is no one likes a mean, rude, ill-mannered person. Be nice and be kind to her. Always! Open doors and pull out chairs for her. Offer to pay for your date ( Of course, she should offer to pay too but that’s for a later discussion). Offer her your jacket when she’s cold. Basically, be a gentleman and take care of your lady!
  1. Befriend her Bestie: If the way to man’s heart is cooking, then the way to a woman’s heart is her best friend. Women tell each other everything. So for you to stand a chance, you must befriend the best friend of the object of your affection. Talking to her will give you insights about what her likes/dislikes are, if she’s into you and the best way to woo her. And if you wanna know the best way to befriend the bestie keep reading till the end.
  1. Quiz her: Nope, not asking you to play Kaun Banega Crorepati ( Who Wants to be a Millionaire) with her. But, ask her questions. ‘ How was your day’ , ‘ How are you feeling’, ‘ Is there anything I can do to help?’..small questions like these make her feel loved and wanted. Ask her questions about her life, passions and dreams. Show genuine interest. Ask her questions and listen to her. There’s nothing more romantic than a guy who listens.
  1. Compliments, not Flattery: If the girl you’re into gets a lot of attention, she’s probably heard all the cheesy lines ever invented. DO NOT TRY THAT ON HER! Instead, compliment her on real things. Try saying ‘ You look beautiful’ instead of ‘Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?’. Compliment on her other abilities, besides looking beautiful. Tell her how smart she is. Tell her how kind she is. How her laugh is so contagious. Chances are, no one’s ever told her any of that. Look beyond the superficial, and she will choose you every time!
  1. Confidence:  Confidence is sexy. Own the room when you walk into it. Talk to her while oozing confidence. Don’t be shy or nervous. It generally puts people off. If you’re typically not a confident guy, fake it till you make it. Looks will eventually fade, your charm won’t. If you can make her laugh, she’s yours!
  1. Remember, Remember! :  Simple as it sounds, remembering key details about her is very important. When you talk to her, don’t just hear the words; listen. If you need to, write it down.  When you bring up details about her life that she told you say weeks ago, her heart will melt like the cheese on the cheeseburger. By remembering the little things, you’re showing her you care about her. Also, remember dates. The day you first met, your first date, anniversaries. While wishing her ‘A happy anniversary’ is a good place to begin. It makes it even better when you get her a photo bouquet or a handmade anniversary gift. Personalized gifts let her know that she’s special and custom made just like the custom made gifts.  Impress your way to her heart!


  1. Don’t be afraid to catch Feels: Real emotions make a real man. Express your feelings. Don’t second guess them. Go for it. There’s nothing more romantic than declarations of love! Well of course, you cannot stand outside her room with a boombox. What you can do is buy her a birthday card and write her a love letter to go with it. Make her special day even more special. Appreciate her and let her and the world know that she is your special lady.


  1. Shower her with Love, Attention and Gifts : Women love love. It’s true. We love the idea of being in love and being showered with attention. Make her the centre of your universe. Of course, you will buy her anniversary gifts and birthday gifts but surprise her every now and then. Order gifts online and have them delivered to her just for no better reason than to let her how much you care. Customized gifts, even better! She’s going to love the ocean of attention and you are going to keep your woman happy (which is no easy feat)!

We promised you a way to get in the good books with your girl’s bestie and here it is : Find out when her birthday is and send her a birthday gift. Or better yet, send her a designer gift on Friendship Day. Of course, she’s gonna know you’re trying to get to her BFF but hey, no girl will ever complain on receiving a gift. Speaking of Gifts, Order Gifts Online is probably your safest bet to your girl a truly customized gift or handmade gift for any and all occasions. You can even get her  customized tee hoodies so she can be cozy this winter. And, you cannot go wrong with unique photo gifts. Memories in print is the surest way to make her feel special and unique. Put a cute picture of the two of you in a customized frame and voila, you have a thoughtful and affordable gift. The thing with guys is, you run out of ideas on what to gift your girl. Fear not, because Order Gifts Online does all the work for you. You get to choose from personalized gifts, photo gifts, explosion box, photo bouquets, handmade gifts, designer gifts and much more.

Your personality and charm are going to impress her. And for everything else, there’s Order Gifts Online!


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